About Jesper Kiledal


I’m a passionate frontend developer with a UX background. To solve problems I use my knowledge, understanding and respect for both the user experience design and modern development processes to create effecient, effective and successful products.


Computers have always fascinated me. In the 90s a friend of mine and I got together and made simple HTML-sites in Notepad and MS FrontPage. Later I wrote little scripts to hack games or automate random things on the computer. This urge to create using code stayed with me during my years studying and working with print and visual design, and has now captured most of my spare time.

For many years I spent countless of nights and weekends building mini projects. The fact that these projects almost always were left unfinished never bothered me. It was always the urge to learn new things, developing skills and understanding more about code that kept me motivated.

Luckily (and thankfully!) I’ve been given the opportunity and trust from my employers to experiment, learn, collaborate and build upon my existing skills on real-world products and services.

As a frontend engineer I have a passion for creating beautiful, functional, performant, accessible and user-friendly interfaces.

Work Experience

When Company Where Position
2021– A Million Ads London, UK Frontend engineer
2020–2021 Brainlabs London, UK Frontend Vue.js developer
2018–2020 Oslo Origo, City of Oslo Oslo, Norway UX Design & Frontend dev
2017–2018 Bouvet Oslo, Norway UX Design & Frontend dev
2016–2017 Kiledal Design Brisbane, Australia UX Design & Frontend dev
2015–2016 IB Boost London, UK UX Design
2012–2014 Dagbladet Oslo, Norway Typographer
2009–2011 Fædrelandsvennen Kristiansand, Norway Typographer


When Institution Where Degree
2014–2015 University of Reading Reading, UK MA Information Design
2011–2014 Gjøvik University College (now Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Gjøvik, Norway BA Media Design
2009–2011 Fædrelandsvennen Kristiansand, Norway Craft Certificate in Typography